Control Panels

We have Digital DSE 7320 & DSE 7420 also manual control panels for different types of diesel generators. The DSE702 is a Manual/Auto Start Generator Controller that offers an excellent range of engine monitoring and protection features.

The Generator Control module has been designed to monitor

  •   Low oil pressure of the genset,
  •   High generator engine temperature,
  •  Over speed and a user defined auxiliary input.
  •   It also has the capability to monitor battery charging by utilising the WL terminal on the charge alternator.

When the Generator Control detects a fault condition it automatically shuts down the generator engine. The module also includes a remote start signal input. The input allows the module to be started from a pre-defined remote location.

Main Features

  • Manual start
  • Engine pre-heat
  • Engine monitoring and protection features
  • Protected solid state (PSS) outputs
  • Front panel mounting
  • Remote start
  • LED indicators


Multiple generator engine parameters are monitored simultaneously


Manual Mode:

  •   The module is started using the on-board key/buttons
  •   The user turns the key to the hand position
  •   The generator engine pre-heat button is then pressed for the required time
  •    The start button is then pressed to start the diesel engine
  •   To stop the generator engine the key needs to be turned to the off position

Automatic Mode:

  •   The key needs to be permanently left in the hand position
  •   The module is powered up by the remote start signal
  •  The pre-heat function is automatically carried out and then the generator engine is started
  •   To stop the generator engine the remote switch is turned to the ‘off’ position