Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sizes available from A.T. GENERATORS?

We have diesel generators from small (10 kVA) to large size (2,250 kVA). We provide generators for both domestic and industrial use.

How to connect the generator set with the main supply ?

By the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) that are produced by A.T. GENERATORS, you can connect the generator to the main power supply. The ATS will on/off automatically when the power comes back/fails from the main source without the risk of feed back.


Why should I buy from A.T. GENERATORS?

Our experience can assure you of a power source 24 x 7.

How to reduce generator noise?

By using the original sound proof canopy provided by A.T.GENERATORS, the noise can be minimized to a comfortable level (75 db at 5 metres) which falls within the accepted international norms.

Do you provide after sales service at the A.T. GENERATORS?

Our highly skilled maintenance team is always ready and equipped. We have the required tools and vehicles to reach the fault site on time and do the repairing or preventive maintenance.
We have tons of appreciation letters from customers testifying our efficiency & productivity.

What do I need to know when installing a generator set?

The following points have to be considered while installing a generating set:
Location - You need to think of where you want to place the generator set - ideally it should be located in a place where adequate access and lighting for service and maintenance are available. Gensets can be located inside or outside your premises – A.T.GENERATORS offers Sound Attenuated Canopies when gensets are to be located outside.
Mounting - Generator sets should be mounted on a level base and one should use anti-vibration mounts when necessary. Level surfaces are mostly suitable, but before installing generators on the ground or on a roof, a civil engineer has to be consulted.
Ventilation and Cooling - It is important to make sure that there is enough ventilation to keep the generator cool. The ventilation also helps in removing excess fumes and heat produced by fuel combustion.
Fuel System - You need to consider how you will refuel your genset. Several refueling options are available-from manual pumps to fully automatic systems. Smaller sets usually have a manually operated or electrically operated pump, which can refill the set's base tank from a fuel drum.