Digital Control


Engine Control

  • Start preparation (preheating or prelubrication)
  • Start/stop sequences with selectable number of start attempts
  • Fuel solenoid selection (coil type)
  • Idle speed control
  • Local of remote start/stop
  • Stop sequence with cooling down
  • Running speed detection selectable
    - Generator Hz/V
    - Charger alternator input (W terminal)
    - Binary input (D+)
    - Oil pressure

Generator Protection (ANSI)

  • Over-/under voltage
  • Over-/under frequency
  • Over current
  • Reverse power
  • Voltage unbalance
  • Phase sequence error

Clear Text Display

  • 128 x 64 pixel backlight STN
  • Graphic symbol messaging
  • Clear text alarm messages
  • Clear text diagnostics for both hardwired inputs and CAN bus messages (J1939)
  • Log book holding 150 log entries
  • Real time clock for time and date

Generator Monitoring

  • 3-phase or single phase generator monitoring
    - Voltage /current /frequency /power /reactive power


DSE 7320 / 7420

  • Microprocessor control, with high stability and credibility
  • Mains supply and generator operation monitoring
  • Indicating operation status and fault conditions
  • Multiple protections; multiple parameters display, like pressure, temp.
  • Manual and automatic work mode selectable
  • Real time clock for time and date display, overall runtime display, 99 log entries
  • Overall power output display
  • Integral speed/frequency detecting, telling status of start, rated operation, over speed
  • Communication with PC via RS485 OR RS232 interface, using MODBUS protocol.