Manual Control Panel

A.T. GENERATORS produces a wide range of panels controlled with different types of modules and measurement and operational devices.

General features

• Common look and feel from 10 to 3000 KVA for ease of operation and service
• 10.5-32V DC providing a single module to cover whole product range
• Simple menu layout for ease of navigation and monitoring
• Two display languages, (Customer language and Technician English*) to aid service and commissioning
• 20 event log to aid fault finding
• Robust electronics package for industry leading reliability
• Configurable using front key pad/laptop
• Shortcut keys for immediate access to engine or AC metering
• Integrated metering and controls reducing components and wiring, aiding reliability and ease of service
• Common engine wiring system allows simple upgrading between levels of panel


LCD Display with adjustable contrast and backlight with auto power off:
AC metering:  -Volts 3-phase (L-L & L-N)
                     -Amps (per phase & average)

DC metering:  -Battery Volts
                     -Engine Hours Run
                     -Engine Jacket Water Temperature (in °C or °F)
                     -Lube Oil Pressure 
                     -Engine Speed (RPM)


Mounted to generating set base frame on robust steel stand
Vibration isolated from generating set.


DSE-702 key manual start module is a manual engine control module designed to control the engine via a key switch and push buttons on the front panel. The module is used to start and stop the engine and indicate fault conditions, automatically shutting down the engine and giving a true first up fault condition of an engine failure.

Standard Control Function

◿ Manual Engine Control Module
◿ Low Oil Pressure                                                
◿ High Engine Temperature
◿ Auxiliary Shutdown
◿ Over speed protection
◿ Protection hold-off timer